labour – intensive

She was on a set machine, industry and labour – intensive, capital, technology intensive industry in, high barriers to entry, and even in companies, if not reach size in particular, difficult, and generate profits. Other large companies, can the large-scale procurement, with production, reduce costs, and through the coordination of the various subsidiaries or   synergy business unit te te, a panel could be established, global sales team, product coverage To various regions, in the market.
Therefore, machine tool industry, and has the merit, very strong, stable, and in the future. In the machine industry, aspect, mainly in the integration, in the region, mainly in the form of integration, integration, industry chain strategy, and integrated.

Among them, regional integration, and is on the same machine company   areas together with so that you can concentrate on using policy, manage well, and by the use of the synergy industry chain integration,   is   one       machine company together, and on machine production enterprise, with suppliers of key components, together, you can gather the   each of the director of   a   one       compound machine to face the technical bottleneck; strategy the integration is making   Automotive, military, and other strategic partners, so that they are more accurate grasp, and downstream demand products, and the development of relevant   resolution, reducing search process in unnecessary losses. Te
The reason, in the machine tool industry, in the future, a complementarity, as current development the       is not optimistic, but after the new round of integration, machine tool industry cannot be   to further develop them.
To 180000000000 yuan, in the range of fluctuations and growth is not clear.
Total profit and volatility as well.           metal machine 2011 in the profit rate the   $  92   million in 2013 declined to $52.96   billion yuan, Wartft in 2014, the total profit of $76.35   billion yuan, and on 2016, gross profit the   72.82   billion yuan, compared with the high   21.54% on 2015, but the total profits after 2014, and there is still a gap.
In addition, China manufacturing, CNC, machine, production, compared with the developed countries. With a clear picture.

Mills mold processing tools

The most important is Mills mold processing tools, processing capacity of about total 80% – 90% die die cutting, and thus become the focus of development. In recent years, some Myers new structure used in some products over cutting tool by launched a series of new structure with mill product. For example, slope cutter, is the first to B cavity machining closed slot or development, has surface grinding milling, milling cavity and other functions, very suitable for mold assembly, can reduce the tool change time.
Because the knife is maximum machining tool metal removal, so as to improve the grinding efficiency of grinding becomes the direction of innovation. To help users beat tools to bring the financial crisis in difficulties, from from design tools, become a tool to improve the features of the economic grinding new product development. Is widely used in to indexable inserts double design, the H cutting completely doubled. Can also increase the number of polygons blade edge strengthen economic.
Also found that the use of titanium alloy blade material also reduced the quality of the components can be progress rupture and speed limits knife. But because of titanium alloy in notch sensitivity is not suitable for manufacturing knife body, manufacturing knife body so some high-speed cutting considered with high strength Aluminum Alloy.

technology and PCD tool

In the domestic market, with the level of technology and PCD tool and tool development is also expanding continuously. Currently, there are more than 100 Chinese automobile group first PCD tool and point of use also, many companies also use of   a   PCD wood-based panel and wood products processing diamond tools, and to promote the application, and also for the design, manufacturing and technology research. Tsinghua University, China,       the Dalian University of technology, University, Wuhan University of science and technology, Jilin University, industrial  , Harbin Industrial University   all       actively the research in this area. Working in the field of research and development, production, domestic and PCD Shanghai te sper Hart, Merck,   a   and   Xinya, Nanjing, Changzhou, science blue, and       Cheung, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chengdu and other   international instruments research on dozens of units. And at present, the PCD processing group of the cat P mineral extend to the processing of stone, wood,,,, and composite materials, metal, glass and ceramics, and other materials processing. In recent years through the application by visual, PCD tool and analysis, PCD tool, used mainly in the following two aspects: first, the difficult to handle, and non ferrous metal processing materials: cut by normal and difficult processing. Non ferrous metal materials, and often result in   a   of Elsa L to wear, low efficiency of management, and defects, PCD tool cannot be   show  .  . Good for processing, such as the use of diamond tools can be, and processing of materials. The piston of the engine, and eutectic silicon, aluminum alloy) and the mechanism of processing of such materials have been breakthrough).   II   difficult to handle and non metal materials processing: on PCD tool and very suitable for the stone, Te, carbon steel, carbon fiber reinforced plastic,, the paper e Lastnayt       and other difficult to treat with non metallic materials processing., such as the University of central China on 1990, using the PCD cut on the glass in the floor  ,   etc. from the with paintings, such as (and funded) used widely,   PCD processing of these materials can avoid the wearing of   a   an   and other defects.

Band saw

The lining of the steel with high performance, and improve the level of performance, and providing quality       carbide band the  .   this   band saws in   various applications in Alfrqt     saws. And faster than other, longer  .  .
Band saw, partners in development,
The flexibility and creativity
In addition, our comprehensive standards, and product mix, we, with particular emphasis on the development of network engineering, grade, and further enhance the competitiveness of products for your  .  .
Production experts
We are a series of production as a whole, including technical expertise, by welding, soldering, by polishing, coating  .   our   engineering team and fully understand this process, allowing we can offer our customers with new solutions.
The best results, recommendations and strong
We have the technology, support, sales network, can provide you with all kinds of and select proper grade. And, while improving performance, he   recommendations.

the hardening material

Usually, boring, drilling, deep hole,   with   mini series, step by step, a league an         in order to break bit chip, preventing blockage.   a   drill and also assists in preventing further compression, the hole bottom, the point in the processing of cold the hardening material are of particular importance.
the     Briner, is generally believed that   a   should be cut with decreased slightly. Well, in fact,   as  …   if   using interrupts feed (Dt transformation   or      ] short, and to on chip breaking the  .   in addition, and just as easily   out       bit, trumpet taking part in   Albqa segments in the hole, and it will have to   a   cut the   cases  .   this   is   not       undesirable.
Many of the problems are usually occurred in the last 20 percent of the depth of excavation, in the paragraph. On   the   Briner.   this  ,   as   and deepened gradually, the hole of the Qtw very difficult, of the reasons  …   specific solutions, because labour and   the articles may vary depending on the situation  .   application engineer, in accordance with the specific circumstances of Khtwt, cut the outline.
Talking about the processing of           bit smaller circuit board drilling and, in spite of articles   with the diameter of the design, manufacture, and ductile material, small pits are similar very, but two pieces of       engineering. But there is a big difference. –.
M.A.Ford   company   Kueter observed carefully, and installation and debugging, and circuit board bits can also be used on the processing of hard materials, Te, and Ford, but generally do not do so, careful, instead of   a   right   material hardness, and bit a specialized  .   it   is   shorter towards the long time slot, from in order to improve the te bit force. Kueter also   by   resolution, dig user demand deep pit, and twice, but we provide a with B T.         the long hole does not have to reach   and   two   general   provide   the slot, so long, 9.525mm 12.7mm, bits can be.
Kueter to some plates are made of the so-called         bit ladder shank “. (that, for example, the team of Qatar, 0.1524mm bits,, dig         the groove depth is made of 1.524mm, along the 1.524mm   and   also   but with a bit of action   not   direct           tail hole diameter as well as to the country 3.175mm       shank, but through the 0.762mm average diameter is the transition.   this   Kueter that hardness of the material, drilling,   drill bit with extended length short       as far as possible, so Added, diameter, and transitional structure, is desirable.
Kueter   that   of   view       geometric parameters, circuit board with bit normally, the largest, and spiral angle, the trench, partition size and also the most of the small pits are thin, and the stainless steel and other materials difficult to machine, with the small pits and, with a smaller spiral thick trench in  , section size,……       pointed out that small holes, and to reduce stress on the, and made from Qatar, cone Inverse – square   –   direction to reduce the necessary  .  . The reciprocal sum, 005 0.127mm  .   in general because, often, less long         bit slot, rigid, rigid, the length, and therefore each cone. Conversely, normally 0.0127 ~, 0.0254m

Diamond cutting

Diamond cutting, with high hardness, high strength,,, thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance other features, could be very high to high speed cutting and to obtain an accurate and efficient the machines…  .     cut diamond is diamond shaped, on the above characteristics, by state. Te. Te of the carbon atoms in the diamond crystal  ,   four       the valence electrons as the structure of Quaternary and interdependent, and each carbon atom of neighbouring   with   four   Of the covalent bond with, thus forming a diamond structure, binding force, and trend is very strong, making of diamond with high hardness on  …   as   crystals diamond (PCD)   non   structure orientation and fine grain diamond sintered; in spite of the fact that, joined with the agent, the hardness, corrosion resistance, and still less diamond  .  . But because the PCD sintered are       the properties, and therefore is not easy along the surface of the split division   one   $…
Tool wear, formed mainly by abrasive wear, abrasion, and bonded (by cold welding (wear), spreading wear wear, the wear and te  ,   etc. thermal oxidation. PCD failure of various forms of the instruments and traditional, primarily         polycrystalline layer., and spread the wear and adhesive wear.     research shows that the use of PCD and processing on the vehicle when failure, mainly wearing diamond bonded     by   micro and crystal grain Te   between the cracks, caused by a defect in processing, high hardness, high brittle materials are and, PCD bonds, the wearing is not clear and, instead, in the processing low with brittle materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced material),   and   increased tool wear. The interconnections are, therefore, wear a leadership role.

The new DH4580 chamfer

The new DH4580 chamfer provides a cost-effective drilling and chamfering. This validated two-in-one method reduces processing time because fewer tools need to be changed. According to the company, as fewer tools are needed and can replace particularly expensive special tools, it also reduces tool costs.

Multi-purpose DH4580 is suitable for various materials including ISO materials group P, M, K, N and S, and all holes with 45 holes. In the automotive industry, this applies to cylinder head, cylinder cover and tank face, rear shell and mounting hole, turbocharger and related mounting holes. The chamfering body has six inches and a metric size, while the slot is 0.110 inches (2.8 millimeters) wide. DH4580 inverted slot valve body is suitable for all corresponding carbide bits.

The company announced the north American company’s debut in North America, and the company will launch a series of high performance solid carbide drills to further improve its extensive faucet and threaded tools. The new EF series drill is a result of a wide range of research and development, combined with special geometric structures, proprietary carbide grades and PVD coating designs, which are said to be unique to the industry. The result is three to five times faster than conventional hard alloys and cobalt drills, and high quality threads and longer tool life.

“We are pleased to introduce this important introduction to the U.S. and Canadian markets,” said Bob Hellinger, President of the company. “For the company, with a drilling and production line to supplement our leading faucet and thread production line is very meaningful, it provides our clients with their development and application of the best solution.”

In addition to starting in the fourth quarter of 2015, the company will also provide complete grinding/retuning services for all the drilling products in their west Bostown. And facilities.

The company, designed and produced in Germany, has a bilateral flute design to increase stability and round/straight holes. The unique flute structure can make the chip’s evaluation better, while the self-centering design allows drilling in one shot, eliminating the pike period and the preorder operation. The Calloy drill is a special sub-micron grade carbide class with remarkable wear resistance and durability. A unique multi-layer PVD coating is cracked and cracked and has a long tool life.

The full range of products can be used in 3XD, 5XD, and 8XD RIGS for convenience and versatility. Sku, which is above the 2000 standard, will be stocked at the company’s west boylston plant.

guide sleeve with a chip basket

MK’s design concept is to combine the guide sleeve with a chip basket so that the two items can travel uniformly. The movement of the guide sleeve is driven by the air, which helps to provide closer contact during the escape of the coolant medium. For longer deep hole drilling applications, it may be necessary to stabilize the deep hole drilling tool with a supporting liner.
The precision of deep hole drilling is greatly improved by rotating the slow part of the counterclockwise direction.
For deep hole drilling applications over 18 mm in diameter, MK can choose to equip its largest processing unit from the BTA or EJEKTOR series of drilling systems. In these applications, coolant and chip management are performed through the main axis center. The emulsion is collected at the back end of the main shaft and re-entered into the cooling system after filtration and pressure. Such solutions are often used in high-precision parts manufacturing in industries such as automobiles.
In order to process stainless steel and titanium alloys, the company introduced a new type of ex-carbon – Calloy tool drill.
The Calloy tool drill is designed specifically for problems that are common in processing stainless steel and titanium alloys, such as machining hardening, elongated chips, low thermal conductivity and welding of tools.
A notable feature of the Calloy tool drill is the newly designed super cooled coolant hole. They provide improved coolant flow to improve chip evacuation and reduce heat generation. The geometry of the flute and the sharp cutting edge produce a tightly cut chip that prevents the chip’s packaging.
In addition, the Calloy tool rig provides a stable regrind and eliminates the hardening of work in the extra manufacturing process by reducing the edge wear of its distinctive edge shape and OSG’s WXL coating.
With these features, Calloy tool’s drills are reported to show twice the length of its tool life by using more than 3,100 linear inches in the case of hard-to-process dual-body stainless steel.

BGS high carbohydrate drill

BGS tools company, said in the BGS high carbohydrate drill design key features make this product can not only in the standard carbide drill on the application of the benefits, but also can provide other high-performance bit. Every feature of BGS high carbohydrate drilling RIGS is unique design to solve common problems during high production drilling.

The stability of the two-edge design and penetration capability of point geometry allows high-carb drilling to meet demanding applications, usually requiring fewer operational parameters or two steps.

Second margin high in carbohydrates rig has polishing effect, while the flute effectively control chip, and transportation enable bit in high production environment provide superior surface coating and pore size, thereby saving the cycle time, avoided in many applications to the need of reaming.

Secondary flutes provide a cooling channel, usually not in the training of external coolant. This is a combination of tool coating and high strength edge design, which increases the operating parameters and increases the service life of the cutter.

Investment in traditional deep hole drilling RIGS can be very expensive. MK, a member of the Suhner group, now offers custom deep hole drilling solutions that can drill up to 12 millimeters of diamonds, up to 100 times the diameter. These modules can be integrated directly into transmission machines, dedicated machines or traditional machines, such as rotary machines.

MK has invested a lot of research and development time and capital resources in recent years to develop its deep hole drilling technology, according to company sources.

Now MK can provide “zhou fei” components. Thanks to the modular concept of components, MK can provide customized turnkey, small and economical deep hole drilling RIGS.

MK often tests with actual tools and materials to demonstrate the design and performance of its customized deep hole drilling solution. Test in the factory and use specific production tools in actual production conditions. MK USES a single edge cutting edge and a hard alloy spiral drill with a diameter of 70x. Using this approach, MK can stand behind the design and performance to provide practical and realistic results for customers. The deep hole drilling process usually requires a drill pipe with a diameter of 1.5 times diameter or drill bit, and then a deep hole drilling process.

length to diameter of a drill

It is well known that the greater the ratio of length to diameter of a drill is, the greater its bending tendency is. Reducing the length to diameter ratio can reduce the flexural force, thus avoiding bit breaking and increasing the aperture error. The deeper hole requires larger ratio of length to diameter of the bit. Usually, the hole depth is more than 3 times the diameter is “deep hole”, and the hole depth of micro drill usually exceeds this limit.
Generally speaking, high-speed steel drill allowed a deflection and bending force, but the corresponding, the elastic deformation ability and high speed steel has low hardness, the wear resistance is reduced, thus limiting the tool life. The hard alloy has high rigidity and high hardness, so it can make the tool life longer and the machining precision higher.
The high wear resistance of cemented carbide makes it reach 3 times the speed of high speed steel after micro drilling, and the life can also be improved. At the same time, the high rigidity of cemented carbide is helpful to correct positioning and maintain the size of the hole.
Though the tools are manufactured in the material and geometrical parameters precision drilling completed a lot of development, do not need all of the scratch test, but many factors during drilling are well controlled, is not an easy task.
So, as the diameter of the drill bit decreases and the brittleness increases, the deflection becomes the root of many problems. To control the brittleness of the drill bit, it is necessary to weigh the hardness and toughness of the tool matrix.