The new DH4580 chamfer provides a cost-effective drilling and chamfering. This validated two-in-one method reduces processing time because fewer tools need to be changed. According to the company, as fewer tools are needed and can replace particularly expensive special tools, it also reduces tool costs.

Multi-purpose DH4580 is suitable for various materials including ISO materials group P, M, K, N and S, and all holes with 45 holes. In the automotive industry, this applies to cylinder head, cylinder cover and tank face, rear shell and mounting hole, turbocharger and related mounting holes. The chamfering body has six inches and a metric size, while the slot is 0.110 inches (2.8 millimeters) wide. DH4580 inverted slot valve body is suitable for all corresponding carbide bits.

The company announced the north American company’s debut in North America, and the company will launch a series of high performance solid carbide drills to further improve its extensive faucet and threaded tools. The new EF series drill is a result of a wide range of research and development, combined with special geometric structures, proprietary carbide grades and PVD coating designs, which are said to be unique to the industry. The result is three to five times faster than conventional hard alloys and cobalt drills, and high quality threads and longer tool life.

“We are pleased to introduce this important introduction to the U.S. and Canadian markets,” said Bob Hellinger, President of the company. “For the company, with a drilling and production line to supplement our leading faucet and thread production line is very meaningful, it provides our clients with their development and application of the best solution.”

In addition to starting in the fourth quarter of 2015, the company will also provide complete grinding/retuning services for all the drilling products in their west Bostown. And facilities.

The company, designed and produced in Germany, has a bilateral flute design to increase stability and round/straight holes. The unique flute structure can make the chip’s evaluation better, while the self-centering design allows drilling in one shot, eliminating the pike period and the preorder operation. The Calloy drill is a special sub-micron grade carbide class with remarkable wear resistance and durability. A unique multi-layer PVD coating is cracked and cracked and has a long tool life.

The full range of products can be used in 3XD, 5XD, and 8XD RIGS for convenience and versatility. Sku, which is above the 2000 standard, will be stocked at the company’s west boylston plant.