In the domestic market, with the level of technology and PCD tool and tool development is also expanding continuously. Currently, there are more than 100 Chinese automobile group first PCD tool and point of use also, many companies also use of   a   PCD wood-based panel and wood products processing diamond tools, and to promote the application, and also for the design, manufacturing and technology research. Tsinghua University, China,       the Dalian University of technology, University, Wuhan University of science and technology, Jilin University, industrial  , Harbin Industrial University   all       actively the research in this area. Working in the field of research and development, production, domestic and PCD Shanghai te sper Hart, Merck,   a   and   Xinya, Nanjing, Changzhou, science blue, and       Cheung, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chengdu and other   international instruments research on dozens of units. And at present, the PCD processing group of the cat P mineral extend to the processing of stone, wood,,,, and composite materials, metal, glass and ceramics, and other materials processing. In recent years through the application by visual, PCD tool and analysis, PCD tool, used mainly in the following two aspects: first, the difficult to handle, and non ferrous metal processing materials: cut by normal and difficult processing. Non ferrous metal materials, and often result in   a   of Elsa L to wear, low efficiency of management, and defects, PCD tool cannot be   show  .  . Good for processing, such as the use of diamond tools can be, and processing of materials. The piston of the engine, and eutectic silicon, aluminum alloy) and the mechanism of processing of such materials have been breakthrough).   II   difficult to handle and non metal materials processing: on PCD tool and very suitable for the stone, Te, carbon steel, carbon fiber reinforced plastic,, the paper e Lastnayt       and other difficult to treat with non metallic materials processing., such as the University of central China on 1990, using the PCD cut on the glass in the floor  ,   etc. from the with paintings, such as (and funded) used widely,   PCD processing of these materials can avoid the wearing of   a   an   and other defects.