The most important is Mills mold processing tools, processing capacity of about total 80% – 90% die die cutting, and thus become the focus of development. In recent years, some Myers new structure used in some products over cutting tool by launched a series of new structure with mill product. For example, slope cutter, is the first to B cavity machining closed slot or development, has surface grinding milling, milling cavity and other functions, very suitable for mold assembly, can reduce the tool change time.
Because the knife is maximum machining tool metal removal, so as to improve the grinding efficiency of grinding becomes the direction of innovation. To help users beat tools to bring the financial crisis in difficulties, from from design tools, become a tool to improve the features of the economic grinding new product development. Is widely used in to indexable inserts double design, the H cutting completely doubled. Can also increase the number of polygons blade edge strengthen economic.
Also found that the use of titanium alloy blade material also reduced the quality of the components can be progress rupture and speed limits knife. But because of titanium alloy in notch sensitivity is not suitable for manufacturing knife body, manufacturing knife body so some high-speed cutting considered with high strength Aluminum Alloy.