She was on a set machine, industry and labour – intensive, capital, technology intensive industry in, high barriers to entry, and even in companies, if not reach size in particular, difficult, and generate profits. Other large companies, can the large-scale procurement, with production, reduce costs, and through the coordination of the various subsidiaries or   synergy business unit te te, a panel could be established, global sales team, product coverage To various regions, in the market.
Therefore, machine tool industry, and has the merit, very strong, stable, and in the future. In the machine industry, aspect, mainly in the integration, in the region, mainly in the form of integration, integration, industry chain strategy, and integrated.

Among them, regional integration, and is on the same machine company   areas together with so that you can concentrate on using policy, manage well, and by the use of the synergy industry chain integration,   is   one       machine company together, and on machine production enterprise, with suppliers of key components, together, you can gather the   each of the director of   a   one       compound machine to face the technical bottleneck; strategy the integration is making   Automotive, military, and other strategic partners, so that they are more accurate grasp, and downstream demand products, and the development of relevant   resolution, reducing search process in unnecessary losses. Te
The reason, in the machine tool industry, in the future, a complementarity, as current development the       is not optimistic, but after the new round of integration, machine tool industry cannot be   to further develop them.
To 180000000000 yuan, in the range of fluctuations and growth is not clear.
Total profit and volatility as well.           metal machine 2011 in the profit rate the   $  92   million in 2013 declined to $52.96   billion yuan, Wartft in 2014, the total profit of $76.35   billion yuan, and on 2016, gross profit the   72.82   billion yuan, compared with the high   21.54% on 2015, but the total profits after 2014, and there is still a gap.
In addition, China manufacturing, CNC, machine, production, compared with the developed countries. With a clear picture.