Slitting teel Coil Packing Line

Pain: You’ve been managing your slitting coils manually for hours. It takes a lot of time and it’s a big mess.

slitting coil packing

Benefit: FHOPE can wrap your coils automatically and streamline your warehouse.

slitting coil packing line

Solution: Learn how FHOPE can relieve the pain of managing your slitting coils.

When the steel coil of FHOPE is transported, it should be packaged and protected well in order to ensure safe transportation and avoid damage. FHOPE’s steel coil packing line can be used for packaging all kinds of steel coils, such as stainless steel coils, cold roll coils, hot rolled coils and galvanized coils. All the machines in the line are PLC controlled and operated with touch screen. The high-speed winder can wrap up a coil within 3-5 seconds. With its advanced technology, this packing line can reduce labor intensity by 50%.

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