machine tool industry

In guiding the national policies, strongly, with the support of China machine tool industry with an emphasis… To improve market share, and, increasingly,, has started, some companies focus gradually to with advantage, in the market structure of the   full competition market structure, to monopolistic competition market transformation of machine, production and Industry concentration, and gradually increase trend, speed up China machine a power switch, and to the world.
It was on a set machine, industry, labour – intensive, capital, technology intensive industry in with high barriers to entry, even in companies,   if   up to of a certain size, hard, and generate profits. With large companies, can the large-scale procurement. The production, cost reduction, and through the coordination of the various companies of the   or   business unit synergy, cannot be   a   group global sales team, product coverage And to different areas in the market.
In recent years, market demand, local, machine manufacture, by a gradual transition in market, high end, and, in the late   on aggregate growth, high precision, machine CNC         smartphone market share rising,         machine CNC machine consumption in general is   proportion rose to more than 60 percent of CNC machine high fast, precise, and intelligent, and green. The trend. But, in contrast,       domestic high-end machine, mainly still rely on the imports, the market share of domestic brands with very low, can say, high precision, CNC with the intelligent, is the trend of development of industry of machine tool.