BGS high carbohydrate drill

BGS tools company, said in the BGS high carbohydrate drill design key features make this product can not only in the standard carbide drill on the application of the benefits, but also can provide other high-performance bit. Every feature of BGS high carbohydrate drilling RIGS is unique design to solve common problems during high production drilling.

The stability of the two-edge design and penetration capability of point geometry allows high-carb drilling to meet demanding applications, usually requiring fewer operational parameters or two steps.

Second margin high in carbohydrates rig has polishing effect, while the flute effectively control chip, and transportation enable bit in high production environment provide superior surface coating and pore size, thereby saving the cycle time, avoided in many applications to the need of reaming.

Secondary flutes provide a cooling channel, usually not in the training of external coolant. This is a combination of tool coating and high strength edge design, which increases the operating parameters and increases the service life of the cutter.

Investment in traditional deep hole drilling RIGS can be very expensive. MK, a member of the Suhner group, now offers custom deep hole drilling solutions that can drill up to 12 millimeters of diamonds, up to 100 times the diameter. These modules can be integrated directly into transmission machines, dedicated machines or traditional machines, such as rotary machines.

MK has invested a lot of research and development time and capital resources in recent years to develop its deep hole drilling technology, according to company sources.

Now MK can provide “zhou fei” components. Thanks to the modular concept of components, MK can provide customized turnkey, small and economical deep hole drilling RIGS.

MK often tests with actual tools and materials to demonstrate the design and performance of its customized deep hole drilling solution. Test in the factory and use specific production tools in actual production conditions. MK USES a single edge cutting edge and a hard alloy spiral drill with a diameter of 70x. Using this approach, MK can stand behind the design and performance to provide practical and realistic results for customers. The deep hole drilling process usually requires a drill pipe with a diameter of 1.5 times diameter or drill bit, and then a deep hole drilling process.

length to diameter of a drill

It is well known that the greater the ratio of length to diameter of a drill is, the greater its bending tendency is. Reducing the length to diameter ratio can reduce the flexural force, thus avoiding bit breaking and increasing the aperture error. The deeper hole requires larger ratio of length to diameter of the bit. Usually, the hole depth is more than 3 times the diameter is “deep hole”, and the hole depth of micro drill usually exceeds this limit.
Generally speaking, high-speed steel drill allowed a deflection and bending force, but the corresponding, the elastic deformation ability and high speed steel has low hardness, the wear resistance is reduced, thus limiting the tool life. The hard alloy has high rigidity and high hardness, so it can make the tool life longer and the machining precision higher.
The high wear resistance of cemented carbide makes it reach 3 times the speed of high speed steel after micro drilling, and the life can also be improved. At the same time, the high rigidity of cemented carbide is helpful to correct positioning and maintain the size of the hole.
Though the tools are manufactured in the material and geometrical parameters precision drilling completed a lot of development, do not need all of the scratch test, but many factors during drilling are well controlled, is not an easy task.
So, as the diameter of the drill bit decreases and the brittleness increases, the deflection becomes the root of many problems. To control the brittleness of the drill bit, it is necessary to weigh the hardness and toughness of the tool matrix.

machine tool industry

In guiding the national policies, strongly, with the support of China machine tool industry with an emphasis… To improve market share, and, increasingly,, has started, some companies focus gradually to with advantage, in the market structure of the   full competition market structure, to monopolistic competition market transformation of machine, production and Industry concentration, and gradually increase trend, speed up China machine a power switch, and to the world.
It was on a set machine, industry, labour – intensive, capital, technology intensive industry in with high barriers to entry, even in companies,   if   up to of a certain size, hard, and generate profits. With large companies, can the large-scale procurement. The production, cost reduction, and through the coordination of the various companies of the   or   business unit synergy, cannot be   a   group global sales team, product coverage And to different areas in the market.
In recent years, market demand, local, machine manufacture, by a gradual transition in market, high end, and, in the late   on aggregate growth, high precision, machine CNC         smartphone market share rising,         machine CNC machine consumption in general is   proportion rose to more than 60 percent of CNC machine high fast, precise, and intelligent, and green. The trend. But, in contrast,       domestic high-end machine, mainly still rely on the imports, the market share of domestic brands with very low, can say, high precision, CNC with the intelligent, is the trend of development of industry of machine tool.