Usually, boring, drilling, deep hole,   with   mini series, step by step, a league an         in order to break bit chip, preventing blockage.   a   drill and also assists in preventing further compression, the hole bottom, the point in the processing of cold the hardening material are of particular importance.
the     Briner, is generally believed that   a   should be cut with decreased slightly. Well, in fact,   as  …   if   using interrupts feed (Dt transformation   or      ] short, and to on chip breaking the  .   in addition, and just as easily   out       bit, trumpet taking part in   Albqa segments in the hole, and it will have to   a   cut the   cases  .   this   is   not       undesirable.
Many of the problems are usually occurred in the last 20 percent of the depth of excavation, in the paragraph. On   the   Briner.   this  ,   as   and deepened gradually, the hole of the Qtw very difficult, of the reasons  …   specific solutions, because labour and   the articles may vary depending on the situation  .   application engineer, in accordance with the specific circumstances of Khtwt, cut the outline.
Talking about the processing of           bit smaller circuit board drilling and, in spite of articles   with the diameter of the design, manufacture, and ductile material, small pits are similar very, but two pieces of       engineering. But there is a big difference. –.
M.A.Ford   company   Kueter observed carefully, and installation and debugging, and circuit board bits can also be used on the processing of hard materials, Te, and Ford, but generally do not do so, careful, instead of   a   right   material hardness, and bit a specialized  .   it   is   shorter towards the long time slot, from in order to improve the te bit force. Kueter also   by   resolution, dig user demand deep pit, and twice, but we provide a with B T.         the long hole does not have to reach   and   two   general   provide   the slot, so long, 9.525mm 12.7mm, bits can be.
Kueter to some plates are made of the so-called         bit ladder shank “. (that, for example, the team of Qatar, 0.1524mm bits,, dig         the groove depth is made of 1.524mm, along the 1.524mm   and   also   but with a bit of action   not   direct           tail hole diameter as well as to the country 3.175mm       shank, but through the 0.762mm average diameter is the transition.   this   Kueter that hardness of the material, drilling,   drill bit with extended length short       as far as possible, so Added, diameter, and transitional structure, is desirable.
Kueter   that   of   view       geometric parameters, circuit board with bit normally, the largest, and spiral angle, the trench, partition size and also the most of the small pits are thin, and the stainless steel and other materials difficult to machine, with the small pits and, with a smaller spiral thick trench in  , section size,……       pointed out that small holes, and to reduce stress on the, and made from Qatar, cone Inverse – square   –   direction to reduce the necessary  .  . The reciprocal sum, 005 0.127mm  .   in general because, often, less long         bit slot, rigid, rigid, the length, and therefore each cone. Conversely, normally 0.0127 ~, 0.0254m