Diamond cutting, with high hardness, high strength,,, thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance other features, could be very high to high speed cutting and to obtain an accurate and efficient the machines…  .     cut diamond is diamond shaped, on the above characteristics, by state. Te. Te of the carbon atoms in the diamond crystal  ,   four       the valence electrons as the structure of Quaternary and interdependent, and each carbon atom of neighbouring   with   four   Of the covalent bond with, thus forming a diamond structure, binding force, and trend is very strong, making of diamond with high hardness on  …   as   crystals diamond (PCD)   non   structure orientation and fine grain diamond sintered; in spite of the fact that, joined with the agent, the hardness, corrosion resistance, and still less diamond  .  . But because the PCD sintered are       the properties, and therefore is not easy along the surface of the split division   one   $…
Tool wear, formed mainly by abrasive wear, abrasion, and bonded (by cold welding (wear), spreading wear wear, the wear and te  ,   etc. thermal oxidation. PCD failure of various forms of the instruments and traditional, primarily         polycrystalline layer., and spread the wear and adhesive wear.     research shows that the use of PCD and processing on the vehicle when failure, mainly wearing diamond bonded     by   micro and crystal grain Te   between the cracks, caused by a defect in processing, high hardness, high brittle materials are and, PCD bonds, the wearing is not clear and, instead, in the processing low with brittle materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced material),   and   increased tool wear. The interconnections are, therefore, wear a leadership role.


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